Spaces Available

September 2024/25 Registrations

               Wee Care @ Puntledge Park: 

Before & After-school spaces are waitlisted.

For inquiries, contact Lorraine at

Wee Care @ Ecole Robb Rd:  

Before & After-school spaces are full and waitlisted.

For inquiries, contact Alyssa Robertson,

Wee Care @ Royston El:  

Before & After-school spaces are full and waitlisted.

For inquiries, contact Alexandra Roberts,

Wee Care @ Valley View El:  

Before & After-school spaces are full and waitlisted.

For inquiries, contact Michelle at


Please check with the Wee Care centres for space availability. Registration Renewals  for our current Wee Care families, usually starts in February.

We give our current full time families an opportunity to continue care, then we open the remaining seats to part time, and new families. If your spot has been confirmed, please come in and get a registration package OR download and print the applicable Registration Forms from our website at: 

When you sign up, we require a $100 registration deposit for each child being registered, $50 of which will be applied to the first month's childcare fees.  All deposits are non-refundable (unless we are unable to accommodate you.) 

5 days per week, both before AND after school care, and after-school care is considered full time. If you require 1 - 4 days per week or mornings only, this is considered part time. With space permitting we may have drop-in spots available. Remember that the days/times requested are for the entire school year. (You can change your schedule and add care if space is available. However, if you reduce the number of days for child care, you are still responsible for paying for the spaces originally booked until the end of the school year.)

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact the appropriate centre location, (see list below,) or phone Head Office.  

During the school year, weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm you can reach the Operations Manager, Lori Pierreroy at 250-465-2771 and Wee Care President, Carla Carriere at 250-898-9661.

Thank you

Carla Carriere

Wee Care Early Childhood Centre Inc

Valley View El.  250-331-2388

Royston El.  250-898-3333

Ecole Robb Rd.  250-331-2241

Ecole Puntledge Park  250-331-3001

All centres accept drop-ins, with space permitting.  Children must be pre-registered to ensure we have all of the proper documentation before we are able to provide care. In order to secure the space, drop in days must be paid for the same day you are booking (e-transfer, cheque) and payments are non-refundable.

Although a centre may currently be full, please use our wait list. Every year families have last minute schedule changes and spaces can become available suddenly. We then go through our wait list until the spot is filled. 

Thank you.