NEW HOURS:  Open 7:00 - 8:30 am and *2:30 - 5:45pm,  except Pro D day / Early dismissal

[*2:15 - 5:45 pm for Royston] 

Wee Care Early Childhood Centre Inc. is grateful and blessed to have the wonderful gents n ladies who are working together to provide excellent care and guidance for many of the children in our communities. 

 Thank you to all Wee Care centre staff, for making your hearts and hugs and good guidance available, creating for children, a safe, happy place to thrive. 

If you appreciate your caregiver and want to say it out loud, please email us and we'll post it here.... 👍👍

We offer care on Pro D Days usually at Valley View, but your centre may open if there is enough enrollment. 

All Parents please check the school calendar for Pro-D Days. You must register for these days separately with your centre manager. 

Space is limited and we need advance notice in order to arrange activities and staff. 

WEE CARE @  Valley View El 

2300 Valley View Dr. - Courtenay, BC, V9N 9A3 

Adjoining Portables beside the school gym

Phone: (250) 331-2388

Email:  vveweecare@outlook.com 

Resumes: weecare.childcare@hotmail.com 

WEE CARE @ Royston Elementary

3830 Warren Avenue, Royston, BC V0R2V0  

Portable beside the bus turn-around - parents must park in designated parking for pick up and drop off. (not in the bus turn around - thank you.)

Phone: 250-898-3333

Email: roysweecare@outlook.com

Resumes: weecare.childcare@hotmail.com 

Wee Care @ École Puntledge Park

401 Willemar Avenue - Multi Purpose Room

Front left side of the school off of the parking lot.

Courtenay, BC


Phone: 250-331-3001

Email:  eppweecare@outlook.com

Resumes: weecare.childcare@hotmail.com 

Wee Care @ École Robb Road

1909 Robb Avenue - off of gymnasium Rooms 131 (red door) + 132

Comox, BC


Phone: 250-331-2241

Email:  errweecare@outlook.com

Resumes: weecare.childcare@hotmail.com 

Some of the Wee Care friends having tent fun. I love the joy of children in play