Registration Forms

If you encounter problems downloading forms, please email us at , let us know which ones you need and we will  send you the required forms directly.  We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

It seems that only some devices can download these registration forms. Unfortunately, we do not know how to solve this.


FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS: After we confirm that your child has a spot in the program, DOWNLOAD and FILL OUT all required forms. DO NOT request share through Google docs.  Bring hard copies to your centre. 

Contract: Because we are a school based centre and most families are seeking to secure care for the whole term - Wee Care requires that the childcare schedule you choose at the beginning of the school year, will be in effect for the entire school year.  Please understand that you are responsible for paying for the requested space for the entire school year, September to June and dropping days later could result in loss of your space to accommodate a full time request.

Prepaid spaces will not be credited for occasional absences due to illness, appointments, extracurricular activities, or booked holidays outside of school scheduled closures. (This includes unexpected closures due to snow days.)

Note: Children requiring Support in order to attend, must have a signed Support Worker contract in place prior to registering for care. (If they require support for school, they require support for attending Wee Care.)  

For Childcare Renewals ONLY. 

Please download the appropriate renewal form for your centre, fill in all information and return to your centre manager along with your deposit paid by cheque or proof of e-transfer only please. All centres will begin accepting renewals and registrations for the next school year at the end of February.

******BEFORE you fill out the required forms*******

 PLEASE CONTACT your centre directly to see if the space you require is available. 

Along with your deposit, please download, print, complete thoroughly and submit  the required forms to your Wee Care centre in person (or email scanned copies to the office address if your centre is closed):  REGISTRATION IS NOT CONSIDERED COMPLETE UNTIL ALL DOCUMENTATION IS RECEIVED

 - Registration or renewal form for your specific centre

 - Two Emergency Permission Cards 

 - 2 current pictures of child's upper torso and face showing distinguishing marks

   (do not scan photos, our printer is not photo quality, submit to centre before start day)

 - Letter of reassurance from home for Emergency Preparedness Kit (read disaster parent notice)

 - Parent Handbook - This is for you to read and keep at home. Remember to separate  the last page of   parent handbook, sign and date it and return with your registration  pages to the centre to be kept in  your child's file.

For your own records:

 - A disaster parent notice

 - Parent handbook - please read carefully... separate last page, sign and return it to your centre.

Thank you