Wee Care will be closed for child care on the Oct 20th  and Feb 16th Pro-D Days. 

Wee Care @ Royston El will be closed for the Nov 23rd Parent Teacher Interview Day.


 If you require tax receipts for Jan - Dec 2022, please speak with your centre manager. 

If you require further assistance, please email us directly at


 Our new closing time for all centres is 5:45pm. This allows staff time to do their mandatory documentation and ensure accurate completion of all closing procedures. 

 We currently provide before and after-school childcare for children from Kindergarten to Grade 5. 

Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is complete. 

Please contact your centre phone number to enquire about our waitlist. 

5 days per week, both before AND after school care, and after-school care, is considered full time. If you require 1 - 4 days per week or mornings only, this is considered part time. With space permitting we may have drop-in spots available. Remember that the days/times requested are for the entire school year. (You can change your schedule and add care if space is available. However, if you reduce the number of days for child care, you are still responsible for paying for the spaces originally booked until the end of the school year.)  

We give our current full time families an opportunity to continue care, then we open the remaining seats to part time and new families. If you are requiring childcare, please come in and get a registration package OR download and print the applicable Registration Forms from our website at: 

When you do sign up, we require a $100 deposit for each child being registered, $50 of which will be applied to the first month's childcare fees, (the remaining $50 is a registration fee.) 

All registration deposits are non-refundable (unless we can't accommodate you.) 

Note: Children requiring Support in order to attend, must have a signed Support Worker contract in place prior to registering for care.  (If they require support for school, they require support for attending Wee Care.)  

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact any one of our centres or email Head Office: 

During the school year, weekdays between 9am and 5pm you can reach the Operations Manager Lori Pierreroy at 250-465-2771 and Wee Care President Carla Carriere at 250-898-9661.

Thank you

Carla Carriere

Wee Care Early Childhood Centre Inc


Wee Care policy regarding covid and infectous disease

       Welcome back families of Wee Care. To facilitate the best health and safety procedures for all of the children and staff members, please follow the guidelines for attendance here: *** IMPORTANT*** ENSURE WE HAVE ALL OF YOUR CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION and necessary signed documents. 

   Please prescreen your children at home. If they are exhibiting ANY symptoms that may be related to illness, they will not be able to access child care until a medical professional can verify that they are well enough to attend. STAY AT HOME and keep a safe distance from other family members when you have a cold or flu symptoms, including:

If a child in care begins to exhibit any symptoms of illness during the day, the parents will be contacted and must have the child picked up immediately. They will be given a mask, and kept separate (with a caregiver supervising) until they are picked up. They cannot return until the symptoms are gone and they are feeling better.

    To minimize the amount of disinfection required and the opportunity for disease to spread, Wee Care Inc. requires families to please follow these protocols:

** Parents will text or call before drop off and pick up so staff members have time to prepare for the child's arrival or departure.

**Parents and caregivers will model current etiquette, reminding children to keep safe  and to cough, sneeze into the elbow or sleeve.

** All children will be monitored for signs of illness before they enter the room. They will be required to wash their hands immediately after hanging up their pack, coat and getting a viz-vest on. 



                    STAY WELL – WEE CARE INC.                               CARLA CARRIERE-250-898-9661



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