Our Staff

Wee Care Inc has now finished hiring for all regular positions for the 2018-2019 school year and an updated staff list will be posted. 

We are always seeking substitutes for sick leave and vacation coverage. $15/hr. or $19/hr for qualified, currently licensed ECE.

Interested applicants please forward your resume to 

Email: weecare.childcare@hotmail.com or mail to 1160 Glen Urquhart Dr. Courtenay BC V9N 3Y2

Head Office: Wee Care Early Childhood Centre Inc

     President - Carla Carriere
 Secretary Treasurer - David Carriere
 Operations Manager - Lori Pierreroy
Human Resources  - Michelle Ross

Wee Care @ Valley View El. 
Manager - Kirsty Savic
Assistant/2nd - Sally Ann Long
 Assistant - Megan Sparkes
 Assistant - Karen Beaudoin
  Support Staff 1 - Lauren Smith
 Support Staff 2 - TBA

Wee Care @ Ecole Robb Rd. 
 Manager - Kirsten Wahl
 Assistant/2nd - Skeena Kane
 Assistant - Debra Beattie
 Assistant - Barb Bradshaw

Wee Care @ Ecole Puntledge Park 
Manager - Lorraine Plested
Assistant/2nd - Andrea Daugherty
Support - TBA           

Wee Care @ Royston El. 
Manager - Kate DeWitt
Assistant - Simone Tottenham

Substitutes :  Sarah Gibson
                    Michelle Ross
                    Nicole Craig