If you require tax receipts for Jan - Dec 2019, please speak with your centre manager. 

Hello families of Wee Care. Regarding Covid virus protocol, in line with BC Schools, we are officially closing our centres to help prevent the spread of the virus. All Wee Care centres will be closed until the powers that be state that it is safe for classes to reconvene. Please hold off on paying April parent fees until we find out when classes will resume. We are still accepting registration fees for September to secure your space if you’ve already signed up with your centre and submitted the paperwork. 
At this time, we are not taking registrations for the summer program until we find out more about possible reopening dates. We are short 3 staff members and have one out of the country who may not be able to return until after a designated quarantine period and we have no idea how many of us will be affected by this.
We do have an ad out for potential employees on the WorkBC website and as soon as we know that the program is a go, we will put a notice here.

Thank you and we appreciate your understanding and help to make this as successful as possible.


Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will begin in February for children returning to Full-Time spaces. 

5 days per week, both before AND after school care, and after-school care, is considered full time. If you require 1 - 4 days per week or mornings only, this is considered part time. With space permitting we may have drop-in spots available. Remember that the days/times requested are for the entire school year. (You can change your schedule and add care if space is available. However, if you reduce the number of days for child care, you are still responsible for paying for the spaces originally booked until the end of the school year.)

We give our current full time families an opportunity to continue care, then we open the remaining seats to part time and new families. If you are requiring childcare, please come in and get a registration package OR download and print the applicable Registration Forms from our website at:

When you do sign up, we require a $100 deposit for each child being registered, $50 of which will be applied to the first month's childcare fees. 
All deposits are non-refundable (unless we can't accommodate you.) 

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact any one of our centres or phone Head Office: 250-338-5869. During the school year, weekdays between 9am and 5pm you can reach the Operations Manager Lori Pierreroy at 250-465-2771 and Wee Care President Carla Carriere at 250-898-9661.

Thank you
Carla Carriere
Wee Care Early Childhood Centre Inc

New Website!

posted Apr 3, 2013, 4:32 PM by Jonathan Carriere

Our new site is now active! Don't forget to subscribe to our announcements!

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