Childcare Fees

Wee Care accepts payment of Parent Fees by Etransfer. Please see your centre manager for details.
BUT please note, fees due on the first or last day of the month must be submitted BEFORE 4:00 pm on the due date. Emails are checked until 4:00pm each working day (Monday to Friday 8:00-4:30pm, excluding holidays). Etransfers take time to process and you may be charged late fees if it is not received during regular working hours. (if due date falls on a weekend, it will be processed) . 
Wee Care is not responsible for bank processing times or delays. 

        Before school from 7:00-8:40                    $  8.00 per day

        After school from 2:30-6:00                       $19.00 per day 

        Before and after school                             $ 24.00 per day 

        Early dismissal afternoons                        $ 27.00 per day 

        Early dismissal before and after                $ 32.00 per day (must preregister)

        Professional Development Days               $ 37.00 per day (must pre-register)

        Kinder Preparation  9:00 - 1:30                 $ 27.00    doors open 9:00 am 

Registration Deposits  **                       $100 for full time children and $50 for part time,                                                                  drop-in and subsidized spaces. 

**All deposits are non-refundable (unless can't accommodate you) and will be applied to the first months childcare fees.

   10% discount Eligible Families:  For 2 or more full time children (5 days/week)

·      Before & After-School, or After-School only care

·      Does NOT apply to mornings only.

·      Applicable in months with 18 regular days or more

·      Does NOT apply to partial months. (Christmas, Spring break, etc)

·      Applies to net Parent Portion after, subsidy, sick day, or non-cash credits have been deducted

Parents,  If you would like to introduce your younger child to school readiness skills before they start full day attendance, we will be offering a Kinder Prep program in the new school year, between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:30pm at our Valley View portable. Children must be fully toilet trained and capable of communication and following instruction to attend. If you have questions regarding enrollment, our staff members will gladly help. 

Please send your pre kinder child with a nutritious lunch including a snack for mid morning. They will be learning about food and how to make good choices when they enter school where they are given only a short time to eat. 

Kindergarten Preparation for 3 ½ to 5 yrs. Space is limited to 16 seats

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 am – 1:30 pm 
pick up promptly at 1:30 *     $27/day
*We understand that this may not the most convenient for parents dropping off siblings to school but because this room is used for both the kinder prep and the before and after school care programs, staffing schedules and program preparation times require punctuality in order for both to run efficiently. 
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

-must have at least 4 registered daily for program to operate cost effectively-